Success story: Professional

Fire station, Uster

Civil protection in Uster provides a roof for several institutions. There is the fire brigade with its 100 volunteer firefighters, the civil defence and, as a branch, the Riedikon training centre. A wide variety of laundry items accumulate everywhere, consisting of an assortment of fabrics and materials. Schulthess has proven to be a reliable partner for cleaning them. 
Extreme applications for Schulthess machines too
New challenges

Year established

On 1 January 2011, the fire brigade and civil defence merged in Uster. The fire brigade itself has been around for several hundred years. 

Of special interest

Washing for other fire brigades in the Zurich Oberland


7 permanent employees; around 100 firefighters (militia) and 300 civil defence personnel


From simple company linen to woollen blankets of the civil defence as well as hand-in clothes of civil defence personnel, to fire brigade uniforms in plasticised and exclusively breathable fabrics (from autumn 2013), leather gloves, fire brigade boots and fire brigade helmets.

Kg of laundry/year

6,500 to 7,000 kg