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Vischpa Textilreinigung SA

Vischpa Textilreinigung AG: Five ladies bet on Schulthess!

It was clear from the start which washing appliance manufacturer the newly founded vischpa Textilreinigung AG in Visp would work with. Even the initial contact with Schulthess proved to be a stroke of luck. The Swiss company with its understanding of quality, professional project support and unique programmes ensured that the five young entrepreneurs were able to design and open their dry cleaning business in record time. Today, washing in Visp is done ecologically and sustainably with wetClean. Within just three months, the business idea became a reality and the first wetClean cleaning service in Valais opened in Visp. The fact that this was feasible also has to do with Schulthess Maschinen AG. ‘The customer advisor from Schulthess kept up with our pace. For example, our enquiry was answered within one day with a quotation. And it was so good that we immediately opted for the Schulthess solution,’ says Christine Albrecht, CEO of vischpa Textilreinigung AG. ‘We were even guided in the choice of premises. Schulthess developed the optimal laundry solution for us, and the overall package totally convinced us.’

Spruce, fresh-smelling laundry with wetClean

Suitable for extreme situations

Christine Albrecht has been familiar with Schulthess appliances for a long time; she has a Schulthess eMotion washing machine at home. She first came into contact with Schulthess commercial machines and wetClean in autumn 2012 and her interest was immediately aroused. The young entrepreneurs definitely wanted to wash in an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient way, but they would not have believed at the time that the results would be so convincing. ‘When we visited an existing wetClean operation, we knew there was nothing else for us: It smelt like fresh laundry and not like chemicals,’ she says enthusiastically. Schulthess machines clean gently with water and EU-certified soaps, which are excellent dirt removers. This also pleases allergy sufferers, because where no aggressive agents are used, none of them remain in the clothes and odours are also eliminated deep into the fibres. By the way, the fabrics are protected and cared for and their life is extended.

Today, vischpa Textilreinigung AG has two washing machines, a Spirit industrial WSI 100 and a Spirit industrial WSI 200, and a Spirit proLine TRI 9550 dryer: ‘The incredibly easy programme selection, individualised for all needs, makes washing even easier,’ she says. The latest acquisition is a Schulthess impregnation tank. This can be used to make demanding fabrics impervious to water again. A wise investment in a place like Visp, where all the skiers from the surrounding ski regions like Zermatt, Saas-Fee, Goms, etc., meet at some point. The special programmes also solve these requirements extremely reliably and in an energy-efficient way: ‘The first electricity bill came as a nice surprise. We expected to double our energy consumption or, to put it another way, we’re saving up to 50% energy and therefore money,’ says Christine Albrecht, delighted.

Year established


Of special interest

First wetClean cleaning in Valais


5 part-time employees


From everyday laundry to woollen coats and special workwear such as fire brigade uniforms, sanitary garments or first communion robes.

Lbs. (kg) laundry/week

700–900 kg