Schulthess has been the leading Swiss washing technology group since 1845 and stands for innovation in laundry care. As a pioneer, Schulthess constantly breaks new ground with the aim of simplifying everyday life. This Swiss company with a long tradition develops and produces high-quality machines, systems and system solutions for private, commercial and industrial customers. National and international sales are supplemented by professional services. Schulthess appliances stand out for their high functionality, performance and durability, represent premium Swiss quality and are in use around the world.
Wasch wie ein Profi:
mit nachhaltigen Premiumgeräten –
der Umwelt und dem Portemonnaie zuliebe.
Thomas Marder, CEO
Wash like a pro: with sustainable premium appliances – for the sake of the environment and your wallet.
Thomas Marder, CEO

Schulthess is spinning for joy

dreht vor Freude

The slogan «Turning for joy» was created for Schulthess to symbolise the unique enthusiasm and joy that our appliances evoke in customers and employees worldwide.
Here, «turns» stands for dynamic and reliable functionality. Schulthess appliances are known for working efficiently and precisely while delivering exceptional performance. The smooth rotation is symbolic of the quality and reliability of the washing machines and tumble dryers. The expression “with pleasure” emphasises customer satisfaction and the pleasure that comes with owning and using Schulthess appliances and Schulthess service. Customers can be sure that their laundry will be perfectly cared for and done in the shortest possible time. In addition, “Turns with joy” stands for the sustainability that Schulthess embodies with its machines. By developing energy-efficient, durable appliances, Schulthess actively contributes to reducing its ecological footprint. All in all, the slogan “Turning for joy” unites the values and qualities of Schulthess washing technology. It represents the outstanding performance, the excellent user experience and the pursuit of environmental friendliness. This combination of performance, comfort and sustainability makes customers and employees literally spin with joy.

Swiss quality

Swiss tradition
Swiss innovation.

The advantages of our location are obvious – for us and for you.

Since the foundation of our company, Swiss made has stood first and foremost for the Swiss quality of our products – it’s no coincidence that the robustness and durability of our machines are legendary. But the Swiss location has other advantages as well: We can respond flexibly to our customers’ wishes and produce just in time. This means that we manufacture to order, which guarantees short delivery times. Schulthess quality products are popular all over the world for good reason and are used reliably everywhere.

Leading Brands of Schulthess

The Schulthess one-stop shop makes sustainable, innovative laundry solutions accessible to a broad market worldwide. Customers thus benefit from premium products at the best price/performance ratio, reliable, readily available customer service, as well as many years of combined expertise in laundry technology. These are your Schulthess one-stop shop professionals:

Red Dot Award

Design is the interplay of details.

Schulthess machines are impressive from the outside and the inside. The clear design language of our appliances represents from the outside what they contain: innovative technology in premium quality. The scaled-back design with the angular chrome-plated doors is the visual hallmark of Schulthess appliances. Which is why our Spirit models have been awarded the coveted Red Dot Award design prize. To ensure that the appliances fit perfectly into the living space, they are available in pure white as well as in elegant anthracite. This makes washing an all-round experience.


Intelligent technology. Everyday life becomes more relaxed. 

Schulthess simplifies your everyday washing with many technical innovations. The easy-to-use Smart-Control panel and the Supersilent function are just two examples of Schulthess’s clever ideas.
Schulthess simplifies your everyday washing with many technical innovations. The easy-to-use Smart-Control panel and the Supersilent function are just two examples of Schulthess’s clever ideas.
Silent Motor is also a real innovation. It provides powerful washing and its design makes it practically maintenance-free. It is also responsible for the machine’s outstanding energy efficiency (up to A+++) and extreme durability even at high spin speeds. And all this with a minimal noise level. Everyday life ⁣⁣⁣becomes even more relaxed.
Schulthess is particularly proud of its invention of 3D washing. Thanks to specially shaped and arranged carriers, the laundry moves in the drum in three dimensions: from top to bottom, from left to right and from front to back. For all-round clean, well-tended laundry.