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Campus Sursee

Schulthess machines on the Campus Sursee

The Campus Sursee in the heart of Switzerland is the largest seminar and training centre in our country. The state-of-the-art campus with a view of the countryside offers top-class training and further education for construction professionals as well as rooms for seminars and events.

The Campus Sursee is located just a few kilometres from Lucerne and, with 500 hotel rooms and 66 seminar and conference rooms, is the most efficient seminar and education centre in Switzerland. Founded in 1972, the campus today offers the perfect environment for events of any size – be they seminars, specialist conferences, meetings or team events. Guests at the hotel also have access to the Campus Sursee sports arena with pools, spa area and athletics room.

For a successful professional future

Turning to Schulthess

With the aim of promoting vocational training in the Swiss construction industry, the Campus Sursee has, since 1972, evolved into Switzerland’s leading training and seminar centre. Here, all professionals involved in the construction process benefit from intensive interactive training and education. Experts impart subject-specific knowledge for a successful professional future. Together with all the other employees of the Campus Sursee, they make up a total of 270 people who pursue their common vision with a great deal of passion and expertise.

The large number of rooms, the huge grounds and the many people who come and go here every day quickly suggest that large quantities of laundry are produced here: Every year, around 160,000 kg of laundry are generated from the entire operation. This is largely made up of flat linen, but towels, cleaning fabrics and workwear also have to be washed and dried. To handle this mountain of laundry professionally, the Campus Sursee has long relied on Schulthess. In 2005, the in-house laundry, which had already been a Schulthess customer for many years, was renovated and equipped with new machines. Now there are six washing machines, four dryers and one rotary ironer in use. Since washing takes place on an industrial scale, the machines run 24 hours a day and their robustness is crucial. And customer service is also very much appreciated, says Corinne Lauber, the team leader of housekeeping: Since they work with large industrial machines, if one machine breaks down, it would have a big impact. ‘But the short response time from Schulthess is really great!’

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Hotel and restaurant operation


270, including 6 in the laundry


Bed linen, towels, cleaning fabrics, table linen and workwear

Lbs. (kg) laundry/week

c. 3,000 kg

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