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St. Peter and Paul nursing home

The St. Peter and Paul nursing home is situated in the middle of the city of Zurich and belongs to the church next door. With lots of greenery and the ornate windows of the church of St. Peter and Paul, the home’s forecourt looks like a quiet oasis in the middle of the city. For many years now, the nursing home has been operating an in-house laundry with Schulthess machines. The laundry is not only important for laundry care and hygiene, but also for the social life in the nursing home. At the end of August 2020, it was equipped with new Schulthess machines.

A home for the rest of life

In-house laundry of social importance

The St. Peter and Paul nursing home is located in the heart of Zurich and adjoins a small park between the church of St. Peter and Paul and the Zurich administration buildings. The nursing home provides elderly people with a care home until the end of their lives. Together with other social institutions, it is supported by the parish church foundation of St. Peter and Paul and is run in an open and Christian manner. The well-being of the residents is the top priority for the home and the staff. The home’s residents are free to furnish their rooms with personal items of furniture and decorative objects. Three meals a day are served in the dining room and neighbours meet at various community activities. Activities and courses range from cooking, handicrafts, painting and singing to gardening. Experienced nursing staff are on hand to assist residents around the clock. But the basic rule is: as much help in everyday life as necessary, as little as possible. Because people should be able to live as independently as they wish.

The well-being of residents is also the reason why the St. Peter and Paul nursing home operates an in-house laundry. In addition to the high quality requirements that it fulfils, the laundry is also socially important – for residents and staff alike. Moreover, less laundry disappears in an in-house laundry than if it were sent to an external laundry. At the end of August 2020, the in-house laundry was completely renovated and equipped with new Schulthess appliances within a couple of days. The old appliances were removed, the walls repainted and pipes and vents removed or replaced. Three washing machines, two dryers and a rotary ironer were then professionally connected so that they were ready for use again shortly afterwards.

Long-standing cooperation

The private laundry of the residents, staff workwear as well as table linen, towels and bed linen and curtains from the 85 rooms and the cafeteria weigh in at around 1,800 kg each week. In addition to its own laundry, the nursing home processes flat laundry from another old people’s home twice a week (about 50 kg a month) as well as laundry from a non-profit organisation (about 80 to 100 kg a month). For Head of Economics Elisa Pereira, the most important features of the washing machines are that they are easy to use, that they work with a direct detergent dosing system and that they have a disinfection programme. The home has been a satisfied Schulthess customer since 2008. Elisa Pereira also appreciates the excellent quality and the elegant uniform line of the machines, as well as good cooperation with the Schulthess salesperson. Fast and expert customer service is also important to her. This is because the nursing home is dependent on having machines that are always in working order so that the laundry can be returned to the residents on time.

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Nursing home’s external laundry


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Private laundry of residents, staff workwear, table linen, bed linen, towels, curtains

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