Go clean. Go green.

For us, sustainability means: high quality, durability, innovative spirit and fair, environmentally friendly and careful production of washing machines. So that future generations can also live in an undamaged environment, we produce exceptionally energy-efficient washing machines and dryers that use a minimum of electricity. Schulthess sets standards in environmental protection and sustainability.

Swiss quality 

Built in Switzerland. Loved in every home.

High-quality materials and their precise and expert workmanship guarantee the exceptional durability of our machines. In addition, the Swiss location guarantees flexibility and short transport routes, meaning fewer pollutant emissions are caused and roads are not unnecessarily burdened. In this way, Schulthess contributes overall to a significant reduction in the ecological footprint.


Sustainable cleanliness 

Impressive: The energy and water consumption of Schulthess machines has fallen almost sevenfold over the last 40 years. In 1975 a washing machine still needed 55 litres of water per kilogram of laundry; today it is 88% less, just 6.8 litres. Equally astonishing is energy consumption: In 1975 one kilogram of laundry needed 0.49 kWh, today it is 0.08 kWh. Those who choose Schulthess therefore wash in a particularly sustainable way. In addition, the Swiss location guarantees a great deal of flexibility and short transport routes, meaning fewer pollutant emissions are caused and roads are not unnecessarily burdened. In this way, Schulthess contributes overall to a significant reduction in the ecological footprint.

Energy consumption kWh/kg


Water consumption l/kg


Water – a central element when washing and drying

We care for clean water

The Schulthess wash programmes are designed to use as little water and detergent as possible for perfect washing results. Customers thus save energy, water and detergent, improve their personal CO₂ balance and contribute to environmental protection.

By the way: In order to further reduce water consumption and to protect our forests, we at Schulthess ask for a small symbolic contribution for our product brochure, which we donate to environmental organisations. The e-paper brochure is, of course, available free of charge.


#noplastic – durable alternative

Stainless steel instead of plastic.

The outer and inner washing drums of all Schulthess washing machines are made of high-quality stainless steel instead of plastic. The benefits are obvious: They are extremely durable, recyclable and also very hygienic.

Schulthess customer service will repair your machines at a fair price even after many years. We manage to do this because we store our spare parts at the production site in Switzerland and keep all parts available over several generations of appliances.

Gentle on nature.

And easy on your wallet.

The production of a washing machine or dryer does of coursed need resources, . Because we take environmental protection seriously, we use Swiss premium quality to ensure that our appliances are durable and work reliably for many years. This pays off ecologically, but also financially. Because those who choose Schulthess save in the medium and long term – even if the initial purchase costs are somewhat higher. Over a period of ten years, Schulthess’s effective costs are significantly lower than those of low-cost products.

In addition to the raw materials and energy needed to manufacture the appliances, washing machines and dryers require electricity and water for their entire lives. Schulthess machines are energy-efficient and regularly win top marks, which is continuously confirmed by the European energy label. By the way, Schulthess washing machines are particularly resource-efficient with their hot water and rainwater connection. The washing process is based on a simple system: the Sinner’s circle, also called the washing circle. It comprises four decisive factors for clean laundry: detergent, mechanics, time and temperature. All these parameters are interdependent. What this means: If one factor is changed, the others also vary. Schulthess takes advantage of its pioneering role in washing technology here. Because if the mechanics of the machines are optimised, the laundry is not only cleaner, but also more economical. This means shorter washing times and significant savings in electricity and detergent. In concrete terms, this relieves the burden on the environment and the budget.


Energieverbrauch l/kg

Three factors for environmental protection

A machine built to last, together with exemplary energy efficiency and adequate use of detergent, are most effective in protecting the environment.

high quality
exemplary electricity
and water consumption

Conserving resources

Sustainability in action.

Environmental protection doesn’t stop with the development, production and sale of the appliances. At Schulthess, customer service is also sustainable. Our digital route planning system ensures that the routes taken by our service technicians are as short as possible. This significantly reduces CO₂ emissions and at the same time ensures that our employees are on site even faster. The Schulthess vehicle fleet is constantly being modernised and replaced with fuel-efficient vehicles.

Order processing at Schulthess is completely paperless: From the moment the order is received to the invoicing, everything is handled electronically. For brochures, price lists and other documents we rely on e-paper – printing only takes place selectively. We promote public transport and grant our employees generous discounts. Schulthess also offers fresh tap water in glass carafes. This means that we consistently dispense with PET bottles – because recycling is good and avoiding is even better! Schulthess puts its money where its mouth is: We are committed to measurable environmental protection measures (ISO 14001 certification) and are a member of My Blue Planet.

Environmental protection measures and certificates