The benefits of Schulthess washing machines in private households

Die Vorteile der
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The quiet kitchen helper
Silent Motor

The Schulthess Perla GA 55i dishwasher washes your dishes in a whisper, making a big contribution to the convenience and quality of living in your household.

Up to A+++

With an energy efficiency rating of A+++ for washing and A for drying, the Perla GG 55i is exemplary in terms of ecology and energy consumption.

A space-saving miracle for your kitchen
up to 12 place settings

The Schulthess Perla GA 55i is a dishwasher for all occasions! With its height-adjustable upper basket on one side and many rows of needles that can be folded up and down, it offers space for 12 place settings.

Less water and electricity consumption

The Schulthess top models impress with their minimal water and energy consumption when washing and drying dishes, thus protecting the environment.