The benefits of Schulthess dryers for private households

Schulthess dryers can do more than just dry: Special programmes such as Petplus or Pollenclean reliably remove pet hair and plant pollen from fabrics. Schulthess dryers also adjust the drying temperature and drying time to the load and laundry, are gentle on the fabric and guarantee first-class energy efficiency. ​

Swiss quality
Swiss made

Since it was founded, Schulthess has stood for Swiss quality: The robustness and durability of Schulthess machines are legendary. 

Long life

The outer and inner washing drums are made of high-quality chrome steel instead of plastic. The benefits are obvious: They make the appliances extremely durable, recyclable and also very hygienic.

Easy to operate
Smart Control

With our appliances, you understand right away how they work. Thanks to the clearly arranged control panel, you can operate the machines quickly and easily at the touch of a finger.

Safe electricity efficiently

Schulthess machines are energy-efficient and regularly win top marks, which is continuously confirmed by the European energy label.

Condensation dryer with heat pump
Energy efficient

The condensation dryer with integrated heat pump ensures constant energy efficiency throughout the machine’s lifetime.

Fast drying time

Dryers in communal laundry rooms must be fast. Schulthess dryers transform 8 kg of cotton fabrics into wardrobe-dry laundry in just 69 minutes. 

Automatic cleaning

The Spirit dryers automatically clean themselves after each drying cycle and thoroughly rinse the heat exchanger several times with condensed water.

Additional programmes
For any kind of laundry

9 programmes for special laundry. Drying bed linen or towelling, shirts or blouses, jeans, synthetic fabrics or delicate woollen jumpers? No problem for our dryers – just press a button.


The Schulthess silent function avoids waking your baby. Thanks to special insulation and low-noise drive motors, the washing machine washes extremely quietly. 

Time preset
Up to 7 days

Schulthess machines can be programmed a full 7 days in advance. The integrated date function with automatic start and end time calculator gives you greater flexibility in your time management.