Benefits of Schulthess washing machines in the Professional area

Benefits of Schulthess washing machines in the Professional area

Swiss quality
Swiss made

Schulthess stands for Swiss premium quality: The robustness and durability of Schulthess machines are legendary. 

20 years
Tested on up to 30,000 loads

Schulthess commercial machines stand for high process reliability. Their robust bearings and strong shock absorbers have been tested on up to 30,000 loads, equivalent to a service life of 20 years.

Wet cleaning of delicate fabrics

With the wetClean programme, sensitive fabrics such as protective clothing or laundry from the care and hospital sector are not only thoroughly but also hygienically clean.  


Regular use of professional cleaning procedures ensures safety for staff and patients alike.

For every professional application
Up to 94 programmes

Schulthess commercial machines can have up to 94 profiClean wash programmes. This enables all types of fabrics and garments to be washed thoroughly and gently at the same time.  

Easy to operate

Smart Control

With our appliances, you understand right away how they work. Thanks to the clearly arranged control panel, you can operate the machines quickly and easily at the touch of a finger.

Long life

The outer and inner washing drums are made of high-quality chrome steel instead of plastic. The benefits are obvious: They make the appliances extremely durable, recyclable and also very hygienic.

Dosing system

Save time

Schulthess commercial machines have a connection for up to 14 liquid detergents with dosing pump. Thanks to the Permatech dosing system from Schulthess, you can save a lot of time as you do not have to add the different detergents yourself.

Freely programmable positions
Up to 76 programmes

Schulthess commercial machines have up to 76 freely programmable positions. This means you can design programmes individually to your wishes.

USB interface
For PC software

The USB interface enables you to transfer your own programmes to the washing machine.

Self-cleaning programme

Schulthess commercial machines feature the Autoclean machine cleaning programme. So the washing machines clean themselves.

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