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Family laundry neatly done with little effort

As a parent, you know best what’s good for your child. This also applies to laundry care. Today’s parents place very high demands on their washing machines. And rightly so! Parents know: Families with children have their own special needs when it comes to laundry care. Shove the clothes in the washing machine, select the short programme, hang them up and put them on – that usually doesn’t work with babies and toddlers. Because kids’ clothes aren’t just worn or sweaty, but really dirty. For all that, parents do not want to invest a lot of time in laundry care. Understandably – because family time is valuable, washing and drying laundry has to be practical and straightforward. No problem! Today’s washing machines and dryers are developed, designed and produced to make life easy for families. Their programmes are especially family-friendly and often amaze with functions such as time delay, quiet operation or the extremely short washing times.

A few numbers first

In terms of energy and water consumption, a lot has changed in recent decades: In 1975 a washing machine still needed 55 litres of water per kilogram of laundry; today it is 88% less, just 6.8 litres. Equally astonishing is energy consumption: Forty years ago, one kilogram of laundry needed 0.49 kWh, today it is 0.08 kWh. Figures that impress and that are especially important for young parents when they buy a washing machine. Because today’s children are tomorrow’s generation and we take responsibility for their future.

Dirty children are happy children

It has been proven that children feel most comfortable with the four elements and can’t get enough of them – parents know this at the latest when their three-year-old reaches into the burning candle on the birthday cake and burns his fingers. Fire, water, air and earth fascinate children – these elements help them learn different skills. Toddlers are never more deeply engrossed in play than when they are tinkering with water in the sandpit and burying their little hands in the mud. Giving children certain freedoms, letting them have experiences, is important for their development. Always having dirt, stains on their clothes, at the back of their minds inhibits their creativity. Kids who show up for dinner really dirty in the evening have usually had a good time. Being outside, playing football with friends, balancing on beams, having a teddy bears’ picnic is such fun!


Baby laundry made easy

There are special washing programmes for children’s clothes. Those that wash really thoroughly and cleanly and then rinse the fabrics very thoroughly. Because detergent and fabric softener residues can irritate children’s skin and cause rashes. In addition, babies and small children often suck on the sleeves or collars of their T-shirts or jumpers – another reason why their clothes must be absolutely free of harmful substances. Baby laundry needs special treatment because dried baby food, bottle milk, a leaking nappy or even vomit leave stubborn stains. These are best pretreated with bile soap: Moisten the stain, rub with bile soap and leave for five to ten minutes. Then wash in the washing machine using the special Schulthess Babycare programme. Good to know: Stains containing protein such as breast milk, cow’s milk or even blood should never be washed with hot water, but only with cold water and soaked.

If you want to be on the safe side when caring for children’s laundry, it is better to do without fabric softener and instead add a dash of vinegar to the last rinse water. Incidentally, clothes that are dried in the dryer become cuddly soft even without fabric softener.

Rely on resistant fabrics and spare your nerves

Parents who don’t want to make life unnecessarily difficult for themselves buy resistant children’s clothes: those that can be washed at 60 or 90°C without shrinking or losing colour. So the lace-trimmed dress and white trousers are better reserved for special occasions!

Children’s bed linen should be washed at 60 or 95°C. Especially if your children suffer from house dust allergies. Mites are reliably killed at hot temperatures. When buying children’s bed linen, make sure it can withstand hot washing temperatures.

Always wash new items first

If you have a crawling baby at home, you know: The little explorer’s trousers are either worn through at the knees or stubborn grass stains adorn the knees and elbows. It’s best to treat them with lemon juice before washing. Also important for baby and children’s clothes: Be sure to wash newly purchased fabrics before wearing them for the first time to remove the finish. It is not necessary to run a whole full wash programme for this, Schulthess’s Quickwash programme is excellent for this and only takes 15 minutes.

The sun works against stains

Children grow overnight – does it seem that way to you? How can it be that the trousers bought a few weeks ago are already back in high-water style? A little consolation: Well-kept children’s clothes are great to save for little brothers or sisters. Or you can bring them to the children’s clothing exchange, where well-kept items are in great demand. Conversely, those who get the clothes out of the cellar or attic that their big brother or older sister wore a few years ago are often disappointed: Mould stains have made the clothes unsightly. Pre-treatment first and then thorough washing in the washing machine helps against this. If the stains don’t come out or aren’t fully washed out, try this trick: Place the item of clothing in the sun. UV light often makes stubborn mould stains disappear as if by magic.

Washing plastic toys in the washing machine

Do you have a little artist at home? Do small and large works of art made of Lego, Duplo or other plastic toys pile up in the playroom? See it as a cause for celebration! Because these encourage your children’s imagination and creativity. Of course, the tiny, hard items also have their disadvantages. Parents know this at the latest when they come across a horrible little Lego brick in the dark at night … Around the house, these little items are often a nuisance too. For all those who are annoyed by small parts being sucked into the vacuum cleaner: Put a piece of nylon stocking over the vacuum cleaner pipe, fasten it with a rubber band and clean under the bed. Result: The dust is sucked in, but the tiny parts remain suspended.

Washing plastic toys in the washing machine

Lego, Duplo and other plastic toys are built with sticky hands, put in the mouth, syrup or milk is poured over them … So it’s a good idea to clean them thoroughly from time to time. The easiest way to do this is to put them in an (intact!) laundry net and wash them once in the washing machine on the Babycare programme.

Impregnating outdoor clothing in the washing machine

There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes! This saying of our grandmothers applies today more than ever. Because modern outdoor clothing made of microfibres provides optimal protection against rain, dirt and snow. Provided it’s high quality – and properly cared for! This no longer requires an elaborate and expensive process: Schulthess’s Sportswear programme is perfect for impregnating outdoor clothing. Shove it in the machine, add the special detergent, select the programme and plan the next family hike. Tip: For a perfect result, do not use fabric softener and dry the fabrics in the dryer afterwards (follow the care label). This increases protection against moisture and dirt.

Want to wash trainers? Yeah!

Want to wash dirty, smelly trainers in the washing machine? Yeah! Washable gym and leisure shoes made of cotton or synthetic materials are thoroughly and gently cleaned with Schulthess’s Sportswear programme. Then air dry or tumble dry in a Schulthess dryer with drying basket. Your teenage daughter will be delighted with the hygienically fresh sneakers!

Safety comes first

Children need to discover the world and they have their noses and hands everywhere. Sometimes even where they don’t belong. That is why dwellings where children are at home often resemble a high-security wing. Stair gates prevent falls, window guards ensure that they cannot be opened uncontrollably, corner and edge guards reduce painful injuries, cleaning agents and medicines are locked away to stop children being poisoned. To protect children against burns, the doors of Schulthess washing machines are especially safe with double heat protection glass. They are also equipped with a special child safety lock. By the way, the BFU website provides important information on accident prevention for children: www.bfu.ch/de/in-der-kindheit.

Shhhh … Baby’s asleep!

Your baby is finally asleep and you want it to stay that way all night? Or you have noise-sensitive neighbours who are annoyed when you do the washing at night? With the Supersilent function, Schulthess washing machines are extremely quiet. By way of comparison: They are as quiet as the noise level of a normal conversation or a barely audible radio. Special insulation ensures that your child can snooze undisturbed and your neighbours don’t hear a sound – at least not from the washing machine …

Laundry gobbles up time

But the special demands of families on laundry don’t just apply to babies and children. Parents in particular lack one thing in everyday life: Time. Scheduling a whole day of washing is often difficult. Most of the time, the laundry is just done on the side. Is that the case with you too? Then your washing machine and dryer must have practical programmes that are as short as possible – and the result should be flawless and the energy consumption low. Right?

Super fast and yet super clean

Focusing on the time factor does not mean compromising on the washing result. That’s why full wash programmes that wash super fast yet thoroughly are in vogue. Such as Schulthess’s 3D Powerclean programme. It is a full wash programme that washes a whole load of laundry ultra-clean and is gentle on fabrics, but takes less than an hour to do so. Short washing programmes have another advantage besides saving time: They need fewer resources and are more environmentally friendly.

The washing machine does the ironing

Washing machines that not only wash but also iron are ahead of the game for families. People who have to juggle work and family life rarely have time to spend hours at the ironing board, ironing frilly blouses, shirts and table linen. Would you still like to appear well-groomed in the workplace and feel comfortable in ironed clothes? With the Schulthess Iron-Finish function, it’s a breeze: Fabrics are washed gently and then cooled carefully in the washing drum. At the same time they are gently stretched hundreds of times in all directions. The result: Clothes come out of the washing machine as if freshly ironed. Just hang them up, let them dry and put them back on. This way, mothers and fathers cut a good figure in their business outfits without much effort.

Programme for animal lovers big and small

The fine silver hairs on the pillow give him away: Your cat Tom has once again made himself comfortable on the bed. Those who live with animals can usually tell you a thing or two about it: Pet hair is everywhere, and it sticks stubbornly to clothes and fabrics. Schulthess’s special Petplus dryer programme therefore removes pet hair easily and effectively. By the way, this programme also removes allergens at the same time. It goes without saying that the dryer dries gently and an in an energy-efficient manner.

Allergies are annoying, but unfortunately common

Runny nose, watery eyes, scratchy throat: Pollen is small but insidious and causes great discomfort for allergy sufferers. Unfortunately, more and more people – and especially children – are suffering from this. But stubborn and annoying plant pollen can be almost completely removed from fabrics in the dryer. Schulthess’s Pollenclean programme reliably ensures this. Just put worn clothes, blankets, curtains and other fabrics (also non-washable fabrics such as jackets with trimmings) in the dryer for 20 minutes, after which the fabrics are pollen-free. This process can be relied on, as the aha! Swiss Allergy Centre recommends the Schulthess dryer with its Pollenclean programme.