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Schulthess payment systems for the apartment block

If several different people use a washing machine, the demands on the appliances are particularly high. Not just for the tenants, but also for the landlord. The household appliance manufacturer Schulthess is well aware of this. Of course, apartment block machines must above all be easy to operate and have many different programmes and options. But tenants also attach importance to energy efficiency and landlords, of course, to robust durability. Total cost of ownership is the watchword here, and landlords and management companies have long been aware that favourable procurement costs are not the only decisive factor for a smart investment in the future. As a Swiss laundry pioneer and steeped in tradition, Schulthess knows about the needs of consumers and is constantly launching new, innovative products onto the market. 

Schulthess apartment block washing machines

Schulthess washing machines for the apartment block have all the attributes needed for demanding use in communal laundry rooms:

Washing programmes with very short washing times: from as little as 20 minutes

Many special programmes such as Iron-Finish, the Jeans programme or the Antibac allergy programme.

The Autoclean machine cleaning system cleanses the washing drum so that it is 100% clean and germ-free, meaning viruses and bacteria are not transferred from one tenant to the next.

Large drum capacity: for up to 9 kg of laundry, depending on the model.

Extremely easy to use.

Language selection button for 17 languages

Hot water or rainwater connection for resource-efficient use

Innovative payment systems: clear payment system based on the user-pays principle

Schulthess apartment block dryers

Dryers in communal laundry rooms have to be robust, fast and economical. This is what distinguishes Schulthess models. They are also low-wear and maintenance-free, which makes them so popular with tenants and landlords alike. Schulthess dryers for the apartment block are real all-rounders that master every challenge:

Fast drying times

Special programmes at the touch of a button: e.g. for wool, synthetics or freshening up

Drying in the basket: for demanding and unusual items such as trainers

Consistently high drying performance thanks to the Autoclean machine cleaning system

Only two fluff filters instead of the usual four to seven: can be cleaned with just one hand movement

Energy efficiency with top marks (rating A+++)

The different Schulthess payment systems

1. Digital washMaster payment system

Property management companies put enormous personnel and administrative effort into the management of communal laundry rooms. Cost accounts have to be monitored, washing services have to be allocated to accounts and the janitor is busy emptying coin boxes or topping up washing cards. On top of that, there is the laundry room squabble among tenants, which also costs time and nerves. Those days are gone! The latest Schulthess innovation is called washMaster, a digital payment system that makes laundry room management a secondary matter. Tenants are also keen on the system, as it massively simplifies the entire handling of the washing day.

How washMaster works

It couldn’t be simpler: The machines are connected to the internet, their use and the billing of the washing and drying services are done digitally. The washMaster card required for this can be topped up conveniently and without cash on- or offline. Management companies have an overview of all appliances and tenants’ washing behaviour at the touch of a button.

Flexibility for tenants

But tenants benefit too! With the washMaster app, they know exactly whether the machines are free, can reserve them online and also receive a push notification as soon as the wash cycle is finished. A pleasant side effect: Time slots are maintained and arguments in the laundry room are avoided.

Easy to use, not only for digital natives

Tenants can easily make and cancel washing times online, and washing and drying cycles are easily billed digitally. Tenants are much more flexible as a result, and the machines are used much more efficiently. Using washMaster is simple and self-explanatory: Tenants identify themselves directly at the appliance and pay for the washing or drying cycle with their washMaster card. Their remaining balance is visible at all times and the card can be topped up on- or offline. Less online-savvy tenants can use a payment slip for this.

Easy installation

Not only is Schulthess-washMaster available for new machines, but existing ones can also be retrofitted with this system. The conversion to washMaster is uncomplicated and the purchase is inexpensive. Schulthess takes care of delivery, connection and billing. And Schulthess Customer Service is always there for questions and concerns.

Overview at the touch of a button

Automation simplifies processes for property managers and janitors. washMaster also creates transparency in appliance use, cost control and user-pays billing. In the event of error messages, it is easier to identify the cause, and the reporting gives an up-to-date overview of the condition and age of the machines. A great relief for property managers – especially when they look after several properties.

All Schulthess washMaster benefits at a glance

Benefits for property managers:

  • Full digital payment solution
  • No billing expenses, no HR expenses
  • Monitoring tenants’ washing cycles and washing behaviour

Benefits for property owners:

  • Low investment costs
  • Rental models available
  • Increased attractiveness of the property and tenant loyalty

Benefits for tenants:

  • Washing flexibility
  • Transparent costs
  • User-pays billing
  • Cost control

Digital payment is so simple

Tenants receive their own washMaster card. The remaining balance can be seen on the card at any time. There are three methods to choose from for topping up the washMaster card:

  • Online by credit card or online banking
  • Offline by payment slip
  • Directly at the appliance via Twint

Tenants who lose their washMaster card can easily order a new one for a small fee. In this case, they can call Support directly to resolve the matter as quickly as possible.

2. Integrated PrePaid Card system

The Schulthess PrePaid Card is a card that the janitor can load conveniently with special PC software on the computer or directly at the machine. Its use is contactless and wireless using an RFID chip, which enables reliable data transmission without wear and tear (e.g. of the magnetic strip).

The new PrePaid Card system provides absolute cost transparency at all times: The costs for washing or drying programmes are shown on the display and debited directly from the card.

This is how it works:

  • Select programme
  • Read the programme price on the display
  • Insert the card into the opening
  • Programme costs are debited
  • Ready

Single or twin

The PrePaid Card payment system can either be integrated into a Schulthess model or retrofitted as a wall-mounted card reader for existing appliances. If you wish to connect two machines, e.g. a washing machine and a dryer, the twin card reader is recommended (can also be combined with a room air dryer). At the same appliance, the janitor can top up the card and programme the consumption tariff individually.

3. Coin system

Easy to use and reliable in operation, the Schulthess coin-operated machine is still the classic among the payment systems. Tenants can operate the appliances, each of which is connected to a washing machine or dryer, with 10-centime to 5-franc pieces. A display shows the remaining washing or drying time. Of interest to the janitor: The coin-operated machines are easy to programme and the cash boxes are easy to empty. The appliance automatically ejects faulty or defective coins.


Schulthess payment systems are innovative and make everyday life and the management of shared laundry rooms easier. Schulthess provides the right appliances for every need. The landlord or owner of a property can choose whether to pay by card or by coins.

Schulthess’s outstanding customer service

Schulthess realises that serving the customer means more than just repairing faults. Needs assessment, planning, advice, delivery and assembly of the machines and also their maintenance are important aspects of this. With more than 160 service employees, this traditional Swiss company also has one of the densest service networks in Switzerland.

All-inclusive carefree package

The best customer service is the one you don’t need. Customers are always on the safe side with Schulthess: Washing machines and dryers from the Swiss household appliance manufacturer are robust and low-maintenance. If, however, the worst comes to the worst, the Schulthess experts will be promptly on site.

Using new technology

The optimally developed Swiss service network makes these fast response times possible. Schulthess technicians are in constant contact with the control centre via their tablets, meaning they can be immediately rescheduled if their deployment is shorter than planned. Quotations are also prepared directly on site using modern mobile equipment and immediately made available to customers electronically.

Efficient troubleshooting

Worth mentioning: All faults are usually rectified within 24 hours and Schulthess employees only need an average of 45 minutes per operation. Schulthess also relies on second-level support. Which means that the service technicians on site are assisted by experts in the background. A successful concept: At the household appliance manufacturer, 93% of repairs are completed during the initial deployment. This is due primarily to our long-standing employees and their outstanding expertise. But also the specific training programmes and courses, the comprehensive network and – last but not least – the reliable overnight delivery of spare parts.

Schulthess’s outstanding customer service

With an average rating of 3.24 out of 4, Schulthess demonstrates its telephone service expertise: from accessibility to the cordiality and professionalism of its employees to their conversational skills. (Source: Hotline test, CMM)

The most important facts in brief

  • Schulthess provides a manufacturer’s warranty of up to two years.
  • Schulthess provides a 20-year warranty on its chrome steel caustic tanks.
  • Schulthess provides an availability guarantee of 12 years for 98% of its spare parts, and even 15 years in the commercial and industrial sector.
  • All faults can also be easily reported online around the clock (www.schulthess.ch/de/kundenservice/stoerungsmeldung).
  • Further information: www.schulthess.ch/de/kundenservice

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