The new SWISS MOP CLEANER machines for industrial cleaners

With the Spirit topLine and Spirit proLine washing machines and dryers, mops and cleaning cloths are always perfectly conditioned and therefore ideally suited for cleaning floors in hospitals, schools, office buildings, commercial operations, spas, saunas, and in retirement and nursing homes.

Schulthess offers professional solutions for washing mops and cleaning cloths:

The new SWISS MOP CLEANER machines effectively and thoroughly remove dirt and germs from mop covers and microfibre cloths. They demonstrate their strength wherever washing machines and dryers need to satisfy professional requirements.

Ten profiClean programmes specifically developed to meet the needs of industrial cleaners guarantee that fabrics are efficiently and gently washed and conditioned. The machines are easy to operate. All it takes is the touch of two buttons (profiClean and start buttons). The text display is available in up to 20 different languages and indicates the currently selected programme and the remaining run time. Washing machines can be programmed up to 100 hours in advance to increase the machine utilisation rate and productivity.


Rack with dosing pumps for liquid detergent

With the new dosing pump rack Schulthess offers an integrated solution for the safe, clean and easy handling of liquid detergents. Detergent dosing is automatically controlled by the washing machine and specifically adjusted to each individual programme. This ensures maximum process security in washing and conditioning mops and similar cleaning utensils. Therefore, wasted detergent through overdosing and soiled detergent dispensers are a thing of the past!

The rack is attached to the machine to save space and comprises up to eight dosing pumps with level control and suction lances, including empty level sensor. No additional electrical wiring or hose lines are required which facilitates installation and ensures the flexible use of the machine in the event of relocation.

Die Spirit Modelle