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The Collège Beau Soleil in Villars-sur-Ollon is home to pupils from all over the world and provides a comprehensive cosmopolitan education as well as first-class all-round care. This also includes the laundry service, which, thanks to the individual Schulthess laundry solution, takes impeccable care of every item of laundry, no matter how demanding. The alpine Collège Beau Soleil is one of the most renowned and oldest private schools in Switzerland. The educational institution aims to provide its pupils with a holistic and modern education and accordingly promotes intellectual, physical, emotional and social development. The Collège looks after the pupils’ well-being around the clock and offers them a wide range of services, such as a sizeable leisure and sports programme, exciting excursions and unique cultural projects. The school complex also includes spacious classrooms and modern living areas, a first-class refectory and its own gymnasium, as well as a tennis court, swimming pool, cinema and disco. The Collège also has its own independent power supply and is very ecologically oriented.

Efficient and ecological laundry system thanks to Schulthess washing machines

wetClean programmes for delicate fabrics

In an institution of this size, a lot of laundry accumulates every day. A wide variety of fabrics need to be washed: From cashmere jumpers and school and staff uniforms to ski suits, but also bed linen and towels – it all needs to be cared for. Appropriate laundry solutions are needed so that these various fabrics can be cleaned gently, quickly and efficiently. This is exactly where Schulthess washing machines come into play. ‘Schulthess offered us an excellent solution precisely tailored to our school. When the Collège was modernised in 2010 at the behest of Jérôme de Meyer, General Manager, Schulthess gave us the best possible advice and upgraded it with the latest generation of washing machines,’ says Jean-Charles Commandoux, Hotel Service Manager Beau Soleil. The innovative laundry operation is located in the main building of the Collège and is equipped with two models each of the Schulthess washing machine Spirit industrial WSI 300 and the Schulthess dryer Spirit proLine TRI 8550 as well as several ironing stations. Thanks to their low electricity consumption, the appliances fit perfectly into the ecological Beau Soleil concept. A small chip is attached to each item of clothing, which can be used to electronically determine to whom the clothing belongs. This makes it easy to keep track of the clothes at any time. Thus each pupil is provided with freshly laundered clothes in his or her personal laundry bag.

Thanks to the wide selection of wash programmes, the Beau Soleil laundry can wash all kinds of fabrics and also care for delicate garments reliably. For sensitive laundry items, the Collège relies on the ecological Wet-Clean technology by Schulthess instead of dry cleaning. With Wet-Clean, all types of demanding fabrics can be cleaned deep into the fibres and in an environmentally friendly way. Jean-Charles Commandoux can vouch for that: «We achieve very good results with the Wet-Clean solution recommended by Schulthess.» As a result, Jean-Charles Commandoux regards the business relationship between Schulthess Maschinen AG and the Collège almost as a «harmonious marriage».

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