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Schneider’s Quer

Schneider’s Quer: a unique and inspiring concept!

The quirkiest bakery pub in Switzerland has a passion for cooking, baking – and washing: Schneider›s Quer in Pfäffikon (Zurich) is based on an astonishing concept that is unique in Switzerland – and in the laundry room it relies on innovative, professional Schulthess washing machines. Schneider’s Quer combines a bakery, confectionery, café, pizzeria, restaurant, gelateria, winter garden, smokers’ lounge, seminar and meeting rooms, a party service and a hotel under one roof. These facilities are not housed in separate premises: in fact, all of the catering areas have an open and clear layout. Guests can enter the kitchen and bakery, watch the food being prepared and follow the production process at close quarters. The bakery is sometimes converted into a location for events at short notice. After all, honesty, transparency and closeness to the guests are cornerstones of the business model. The concept is bearing fruit: at present, 67 employees take care of the ever-growing number of guests 365 days a year from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m..

The right Schulthess programme for every type of laundry

Understandably, providing such a wide range of services and operating around the clock produces a large amount of laundry, which needs to be spotlessly clean and ready for use as quickly as possible. Schneider’s Quer is a 24-hour hive of activity: fine hotel linen in the delicate colours red and black, the bakers’ and confectioners’ workwear and problem laundry like production fabrics, towels and bed linen. That is why Roland Schneider, Managing Director of Schneider’s Quer, depends on a laundry partner that offers him security and quality – and has found one in Schulthess Maschinen AG. In a well-founded evaluation process with specialists from Schulthess, he opted for a Wet-Clean solution. The company now uses the Spirit industrial WSI 100 (10 kg) washing machine, the Spirit proLine 8250 (10 kg) dryer and an ironer. Roland Schneider is thrilled: «The professional Schulthess machines work reliably and completely cleanly, so I don’t have to give them a single thought. We worked closely with Schulthess to install the right programme for every type of laundry, accessible at the touch of a button.» This saves him and his team a huge amount of time, energy and money.

Convincing cooperation with Schulthess

For Roland Schneider, purchasing the Schulthess machines was the best decision he could have made: «Our fabrics last noticeably longer and we can use the hygienically clean laundry at any time without hesitation.» What he particularly appreciates is the sound advice from Schulthess staff throughout the process: the information was always comprehensive and professional, and things also worked at a personal level. But Roland Schneider is just as convinced by the performance and quality of the professional machines: «The colours of our fabrics really shine, the bed linen smells fresh and the delicate, heavily used laundry items are perfectly clean.» The cooperation between two innovative Swiss companies is a delightful success story

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67 employees


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1200 kg