Success story: Professional

Cristal nursing home

Clearly defined dirt and cleanliness zones

The Cristal retirement and nursing home in Biel, built in 1970, provides a home for up to 72 people. From 2013 to 2017, the building and the in-house laundry were completely rebuilt and reopened in summer 2018. Since then, the nursing home has also had a public restaurant on the ground floor with 50 seats.

Hygiene – the number 1 topic

As hygiene is extremely important for both a retirement and care home and a restaurant, the customer’s demands on its laundry were high. In the Cristal nursing home’s in-house laundry, 1,500 kg of laundry from residents, company laundry, flat laundry and restaurant laundry is processed every week. A clear separation of dirt and cleanliness zones was essential and short laundry transport routes also had to be guaranteed. It had to be possible to clean the laundry efficiently and allow ergonomic working with machines, rollers, tables and appliances.

From planning to installation

Schulthess took over the stocktaking, project planning, delivery and installation as well as commissioning. The project presented Schulthess with a number of challenges: The washing machines and dryers had to be placed in an existing floor plan while minimising noise pollution. To ensure that everything went smoothly, Schulthess organised a move of the machines to a temporary facility during construction work and only installed them in the new laundry afterwards. Another difficulty was the implementation of an efficient laundry cycle and the shortest possible distances to the lifts.

Challenges successfully overcome

Schulthess managed all of this efficiently and professionally, which Mira Rosic, head of housekeeping at the Cristal nursing home, confirms with satisfaction: ‘The separation of dirt and cleanliness zones has been implemented well, the laundry cycle is efficient and ergonomic working is certainly possible. Cleaning of the lingerie had also been efficient and training in the use of the machines and appliances professionally organised.’

Year established

Reconstruction in 2017

Of special interest

Retirement and nursing home with public restaurant


2.7 full-time equivalents of the home’s 89 employees


Residents’ laundry, company laundry, flat laundry, restaurant laundry

Lbs. (kg) laundry/week

c. 1.5 tonnes