Success story: Professional

Wet-Clean dry cleaner

Laundry planning for existing premises

The Wet-Clean dry cleaner is situated on the outskirts of Naters, the second-largest municipality in the canton of Valais. The laundry, located at the entrance to the municipality and surrounded by green hills, was planned and realised by Schulthess in 2016 in an existing shop.

From motorbikes to washing machines

Until 2016, the motorbike shop Ritz Motors was located at Furkastrasse 111 in Naters. When the owner of the shop retired, his wife took over the building and converted it into a dry cleaner. The laundry of customers from the municipality as well as from restaurants and hotels was to be cleaned here. For the new shop owner, it was important for her laundry to be able to work ergonomically with washing machines and dryers, rollers, tables and other appliances. The laundry was also to be cleaned efficiently.

Implementation with Schulthess

Planning a laundry in an existing shop presented Schulthess with a challenge, especially as there were no connections or pipes and the space had to be rethought. After an initial stocktaking, the project was planned in detail together with the owner before the machines were delivered and installed. Schulthess also took care of the commissioning and subsequent training. Today, Wet-Clean processes 900 kg of customer laundry and a restaurant’s business laundry every week. The owner is grateful to Schulthess for the professional organisation and realisation of her wishes.

Schulthess makes everyday laundry work easier

The energy-efficient Schulthess solution corresponds to the Serata building, which was constructed to the Minergie standard. The integrated heat recovery and the resource-efficient Schulthess appliances support the closed ecological cycle. Doing everything with one provider was and is very much appreciated by all involved: The fast and straightforward communication channels supported the dense planning, meaning time and money could be saved. The daily laundry work with the Spirit proLine and industrial machines, which are precisely tailored to Serata’s needs, also runs flawlessly: the touch of a button is all it takes and the machines gently dose, wash and dry all kinds of fabrics without any further effort. This smooth process is also due to the clear and fast Schulthess training on site. This training complements the overall Schulthess solution, helps improve the day-to-day running of the laundry and supports the durability of the appliances.

Year established


Of special interest

Dry cleaner


1 full-time equivalent


Customer laundry,restaurant’s business laundry

Lbs. (kg) laundry/week

c. 900 kg