Stain removal – effective and gentle at the same time

Stains are more than just annoying and can all but ruin an item of clothing. With professional stain removers and devices and, above all, with the right specialist knowledge, which we impart in regular training courses, even stubborn stains are removed without residues and without affecting fibres or colours.

Types of stains

The most common and important stain components we encounter in everyday life are:

  • Albumen (especially stains of animal origin such as milk, eggs)
  • Tannins (mostly of plant origin such as coffee, tea, fruit juices)
  • Starch (potatoes, cereals, rice)
  • Sugar (also fructose)
  • Fats and oils
  • Dyes (colour powder, colour pigments)

Group of stain removers

Completely different spotting agents are used, depending on the substance of the stain. The range extends from neutral to alkaline to acidic wet spotting agents. Rust removers and enzyme-based spotting agents are also used, e.g. to remove albumen or blood stains, as well as bleaching agents or varnish, adhesive or oil-based paint removers.

Effects on fabrics

The first priority when removing stains is to protect the affected fabric. Finally, the stain removal process should only remove or change the stain substance. The fabric must not be affected in the process. For this purpose, first the exact fibre material and the colouring are determined and finally a suitable spotting agent is selected from a stain removal chart.

If the type of stain is unknown, a detective process (edge shape, firmness, colour, smell, location or position) takes place to determine the origin and composition.

Application of the stain removal chemicals

When applying the spotting agent, it is important to keep the area as small as possible and then rinse out the agent thoroughly.


Meiko TopClean 60

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