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Premium quality in the contract business

Schulthess is your professional in the contract business, advises and supports you in your planning and produces just-in-time.
Schulthess machines are sustainable, fast and quiet – and famous for Swiss premium quality.

Swiss reliability 


Our values are also traditionally Swiss: Schulthess stands for punctuality, commitment and reliability. 

All enquiries dealt with in 24h 


Customer enquiries are all dealt with as quickly as possible at Schulthess. We attach great importance to your satisfaction. 

Leading washing technology 


Schulthess stands for innovations in laundry care with the aim of simplifying customers’ lives.

Extreme durability 


Schulthess machines are produced to a high standard of quality and have a reputation for being robust and durable. 

All-inclusive carefree package

Our machines have a reputation for being highly robust and durable. The fact is that parts, components and materials are carefully selected, tested and assembled for all models. A commitment that doesn’t stop at selling a machine – we value professional and reliable customer service. Over 100 service technicians are on duty for our customers throughout Switzerland.


Top price/performance, regardless of budget

Schulthess machines are available in many different versions – they adapt to the property and budget without compromising on quality and service. We guarantee a top price/performance ratio for all appliances.

Wash like a pro?

Find the model that fits your situation and needs. Choose from Pay per Use, Rental or Leasing models. Each model has many advantages for you.

Whichever financing model you choose, always opt for the Schulthess carefree package! – In a nutshell!



Satisfied costumers

Grammet residential

The Grammet residential development comprises two standalone building complexes with a total of 168 apartments and an area of 17,605 m², built in 2020 in the middle of Baselbiet. 1.5- to 5.5-room apartments are on offer. The Grammet residential development is situated at the foot of the Schleifenberg directly on the edge of the forest and is a short walk from Liestal’s old town and centre. In the midst of nature and culture, wonderfully quiet but packed with action – the new quarter in Liestal is a place to arrive and a place to stay.

Chic and digital laundry room for the tenants – from which the administration also benefits

Most people do their laundry within their own four walls. But is it worthwhile for landlords to put a separate washing tower in each flat? The example of the Flurhaus in Freilager Zurich shows that there is another way.

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