Laundry technology

Stain removal

Stain removal is the fine art of effectively removing stains from high-quality fabrics – without damaging the fibre or colour. Schulthess offers this solution with the assistance of a professional partner (van Baerle AG). 



Stain removal training

Information and expertise are the most effective means against stains of all kinds.

The range

Broad range

The range of spotting agents includes solutions for almost all types of stains.


Cleaning and disinfection

Regular use of professional cleaning procedures ensures safety for staff and patients alike.


Fast and thorough

It is possible to clean and disinfect up to 40 masks / 80 respiratory protection masks per hour.

Detaprofi series

The large range of spotting agents with a broad spectrum of action for professional stain remover, applicable in both pre- and post-spotting.


The art of stain removal

As a laundry technology professional, Schulthess also impresses in stain removal and offers regular training courses in this area in close cooperation with van Baerle.


Satisfied customers

Campus Sursee

The Campus Sursee in the heart of Switzerland is the largest seminar and training centre in our country. The state-of-the-art campus with a view of the countryside offers top-class training and further education for construction professionals as well as rooms for seminars and events.
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Clinica Hildebrand

The Clinica Hildebrand Centro di riabilitazione Brissago is one of Switzerland’s leading rehabilitation clinics. Specialising in neurological and musculoskeletal rehabilitation, it lives by the motto ‘always providing the best services for patients in all respects’. The clinic’s partners also have to comply with this principle, which is why Schulthess was chosen. The Clinica Hildebrand is located directly on Lake Maggiore and has a fantastic view of the lake and the chains of hills. ‘The favourable location is important for our patients, as it makes their stay more pleasant, has a supportive effect on the rehabilitation process and creates optimal conditions for the therapy sessions,’ says Daniele Mazzoleni, the infrastructure manager. In addition to the innovative and interdisciplinary range of therapies, the clinic impresses with its modern infrastructure, designed to offer patients the best conditions for rehabilitation. In keeping with the clinic’s philosophy: Only the best for our patients!
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Collège beau soleil

The Collège Beau Soleil in Villars-sur-Ollon is home to pupils from all over the world and provides a comprehensive cosmopolitan education as well as first-class all-round care. This also includes the laundry service, which, thanks to the individual Schulthess laundry solution, takes impeccable care of every item of laundry, no matter how demanding. The alpine Collège Beau Soleil is one of the most renowned and oldest private schools in Switzerland. The educational institution aims to provide its pupils with a holistic and modern education and accordingly promotes intellectual, physical, emotional and social development. The Collège looks after the pupils’ well-being around the clock and offers them a wide range of services, such as a sizeable leisure and sports programme, exciting excursions and unique cultural projects. The school complex also includes spacious classrooms and modern living areas, a first-class refectory and its own gymnasium, as well as a tennis court, swimming pool, cinema and disco. The Collège also has its own independent power supply and is very ecologically oriented.
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Cristal nursing home

The Cristal retirement and nursing home in Biel, built in 1970, provides a home for up to 72 people. From 2013 to 2017, the building and the in-house laundry were completely rebuilt and reopened in summer 2018. Since then, the nursing home has also had a public restaurant on the ground floor with 50 seats.
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Fire station, Uster

Civil protection in Uster provides a roof for several institutions. There is the fire brigade with its 100 volunteer firefighters, the civil defence and, as a branch, the Riedikon training centre. A wide variety of laundry items accumulate everywhere, consisting of an assortment of fabrics and materials. Schulthess has proven to be a reliable partner for cleaning them. 
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Foundation Enzian, Zurich

Since the foundation had not operated a laundry before, it had no data on laundry volumes or kilos. Having tasked Schulthess with provision of the machines, the foundation called upon the laundry experts to calculate the required size of the new in-house laundry; a calculation that involved incorporating Schultess’ own empirical and benchmark data. The result was that the foundation now has a machine park that perfectly caters to its requirements.
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Home médicalisé de la Sarine

Home médicalisé de la Sarine: With Schulthess there are no more limits! The HMS retirement home with its innovative range of services for Fribourg and the catchment area impresses with its professional care and constant new approaches to the well-being of its residents. The focus is on quality, including in the laundry. This has just been significantly expanded and now also works for external customers. The HMS retirement home is located in the countryside right next to Fribourg in Villars-sur-Glâne on a hill with a view of the beautiful countryside. Elderly people from Villars-sur-Glâne and the surrounding communities (Saane district) spend the autumn of their days here. They are well cared for and arrange their days with a wide variety of activities that are tailored to their needs. In addition to four old-age wards, there are two wards that are specially designed to meet the needs of elderly people with emotional problems. Two doctors are also available at all times to address health-related concerns. The ample comfort of the single rooms for all residents is particularly appreciated.
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Hotel Lenkerhof

The five-star superior Hotel Lenkerhof is situated at the foot of the Wildstrubel massif in peaceful Lenk in the Bernese Oberland. Surrounded by nature and with a view of the Lenk mountains, the hotel is an oasis for nature lovers, sports and wellness fans.
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Hotel Waldstätterhof, Lucerne

The three-star superior Hotel Waldstätterhof is situated in the heart of Lucerne. Thanks to its convenient location near Lucerne railway station, guests can reach the lake, the boat landing stage or the Kappelbrücke bridge in just a few minutes’ walk. The traditional facade of the building appeals to guests from all over the world, and they particularly appreciate the hotel’s outstanding cleanliness. Only a few metres from Lucerne’s main sights and the railway station, the Hotel Waldstätterhof is the ideal starting point for a city weekend, excursions, concert visits and business meetings. So you will meet families, couples and friends as well as solo and business travellers at the city hotel.
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Schneider’s Quer

The quirkiest bakery pub in Switzerland has a passion for cooking, baking – and washing: Schneider›s Quer in Pfäffikon (Zurich) is based on an astonishing concept that is unique in Switzerland – and in the laundry room it relies on innovative, professional Schulthess washing machines. Schneider’s Quer combines a bakery, confectionery, café, pizzeria, restaurant, gelateria, winter garden, smokers’ lounge, seminar and meeting rooms, a party service and a hotel under one roof. These facilities are not housed in separate premises: in fact, all of the catering areas have an open and clear layout. Guests can enter the kitchen and bakery, watch the food being prepared and follow the production process at close quarters. The bakery is sometimes converted into a location for events at short notice. After all, honesty, transparency and closeness to the guests are cornerstones of the business model. The concept is bearing fruit: at present, 67 employees take care of the ever-growing number of guests 365 days a year from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m..
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